You may have heard that many businesses are opting to switch to VoIP – but if you’re still wondering why or maybe even what VoIP is exactly, then take a look at our top reasons to switch today.

What Is VOIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol means you can make and receive phone calls over the internet instead of using the traditional analogue system. The technology means that speech is converted and transmitted digitally, bringing you up to speed with a world increasingly connected to the World Wide Web.

Benefits Of VOIP

VoIP comes with a huge range of benefits, meaning businesses should really be thinking about making the switch as soon as possible. Reasons why include:

  • Simplicity: A bonus for those who are not technically minded, VoIP is surprisingly easy to understand and use. Once it has been installed – everything can be managed from one place such as setting up and managing DDIs, hold music and even conferencing.
  • Cost: VoIP is the cheaper option when it comes to making phone calls. Using the regular analogue system can result in you racking up a hefty bill, especially when ringing other countries. No matter the distance, VoIP comes out on top in terms of cost with most providers offering unlimited UK landline and mobile calls.
  • Versatility: VOIP providers can supply different types of handsets depending on the needs of your company. For example, you can provide DECT phones for those who need to room about, large screen phones with expandable sidecar options for receptionists and a range of standard desk phones to suit all other users’ needs.
  • Convenience: Whether you’re at home or on a business trip, you can easily access your VoIP service by logging into your account or an app on your mobile phone. With the internet being widely available across hotels and cafes, you never need to worry about being out of touch with the world again. Not only will you be able to send and receive calls, but all of this can be done through the same number, meaning less confusion for clients or business partners when they’re trying to get in touch.

Let User One SBS help your small to medium business uncover the benefits of VoIP. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, our expertise and dedication can provide you with the support you need to transform your communications forever.

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