With many businesses switching over to a VoIP system, User One is in a strong position as an IT support company to help advise you on installation, maintenance and security of a VoIP system, including Skype.

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VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and allows you to communicate by voice over any type of computer network, primarily the internet. In recent years the quality and security of VoIP has improved dramatically, and it is now a real consideration for many businesses, in terms of cost and usability.

Switching to a VoIP system has a number of benefits for any business. We offer free installation if your contract is for 3 years or longer. Otherwise, whilst there are some installation charges, running costs are normally fairly minimal, and significant savings can be made as UK landline and mobile calls are inclusive. Usage and cost can be easily monitored in real time and through detailed reports. Being a Microsoft silver partner, we can also offer a Skype for Business cloud service which offers greater integration and mobility features.

Using a VoIP system also allows businesses to tap into the other benefits of using an online phone system, apart from cost savings. These can include features such as video calls and video conferencing, quality high-definition phone calls, easier access to voicemail and different forms of messaging, as well as the growing ability to access online apps.

User One provides a 24/7 remote monitoring support system, meaning that we continually monitor your network and hardware to make sure your IT system is secure and running at its maximum capacity. This means that the infrastructure for your VoIP systems is monitored as well, ensuring that the voice telephony is operating at peak efficiency.

We also continually ensure the structure of your IT system is as secure as it can be, meaning that your VoIP system is safe and secure. Generally speaking, voice calls via VoIP are less vulnerable to any type of interception than traditional landline and cell phone telephony.

If you would like to talk through anything we can help you with, or plan or maintain a VoIP system, please contact our support team today.

Click Here to Download our Free IT Security Guide