Computers are becoming more and more wireless these days, what with WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile devices like laptops and tablets. But if you’re anything like us, you still have a cupboard somewhere with cables spilling out of it like it’s something from Day of the Triffids.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. Take a look at these before and after photos of a recent job we carried out to improve not only this server unit’s aesthetics, but also its air flow. Keeping these machines cool is really important to help prevent overheating malfunctions.


When something does go wrong, it’s vital to be able to get the source of an issue quickly and efficiently. In real terms, this means we can spot the problem, gain easy access to repair or replace the part and get you back up and running as soon as possible.


In the “before” picture, there were labels hiding in there somewhere. In the “after” you can clearly see what each component is. Safety labels indicating how certain cables should be linked, or what parts you shouldn’t switch off, can be read easily.

user one done benefits of properly organised com room new image


Isn’t it so much easier to dust over units when everything is neatly arranged like this? Dust and debris can be real problems when they interfere with fans designed to cool computer parts, so make life easier for yourself by getting it all neatly aligned today.

It Just Looks Nicer

Finally, if nothing else, it just looks better when your cabinet is neatly arranged like this. You don’t have to have OCD to find the original messy look a little stressful on the eyes. With all the cables neatly clipped together it just makes for a nice, organised collection. If things like this are orderly, it really helps you to function properly in everything else you do.

Our Service

If you want us to give your cables a bit of a tidy up when we’re on a job with you, just mention it and we’ll be happy to transform a sprawling mess of chaos into an orderly collection of clearly labelled cables. We’ll rearrange things so they’re in a sensible order and make sure it’s all neatly labelled so even those with a little computer knowledge can see which bit is which.

We’ll give everything a once-over while we do it and we can replace faulty parts or cables as we find them, so you’re safe in the knowledge it’s all working when we leave.

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