The Benefits Of Office 365 For Your Business

By now, most of us are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite of tools, many of which are indispensable when it comes to undertaking everyday administrative tasks. Office 365 takes Microsoft’s existing office applications, such as Excel, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher, and integrates them into a cloud-based service for enhanced collaboration and ease of access.

Is it time for your organisation to opt for Office 365 migration? Why not consider the following Office 365 small business advantages:

1) Integration

Office 365 management software integrates seamlessly and flawlessly with other Microsoft products. In fact, you can even create a free trial account to see the benefits of Office 365 for yourself.

2) Scalability (Office 365 Purchase Additional Licences)

As your organisation grows, your business will probably use Office 365 more and more. Office 365 mixed licences can be set up rapidly, and you can add or remove licences as and when you need to, on a monthly subscription basis.

3) Always Up And Running

When you run your applications in the cloud, all your documentation and applications will be available to access from anywhere – even if your organisation experiences hardware issues or damage to your premises.

4) Collaboration

With web-enabled access to contacts, email, documents and calendars from virtually any device, your team will be able to collaborate more effectively. This is great news for businesses that employ reps or field agents who are continuously on the road, and facilitates greater communication between different teams.

5) Support

With Office 365 you can expect to receive enterprise-class customer service which includes phone support, uptime guarantees of 99.9%, complete security, customisable privacy controls and disaster recovery. It’s the robust way to protect your company data.

6) Compatibility

Office 365 includes complete licensing and can be easily deployed throughout your entire company. This means all users have the same version of the Office suite, all users receive updates at the same time, and compatibility issues become a thing of the past.

7) Synchronisation

In Office 365, your calendar, email and contacts are all cleverly synchronised. This means that if you update a contact on your mobile phone, the information will be automatically updated across all devices. Documents can be created on PC and accessed for continued work via smartphone/tablet for increased productivity.

If you would like to find out more about how Microsoft Office 365 could benefit your business, why not get in touch with User One today? Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to explain how you can benefit from Office 365 migration in detail.

Why Migrate To Office 365

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