With the new year having just turned the corner, Microsoft has revealed the latest edition of its popular software suite to the world, aptly named Office 2019 for both Windows and Mac. So, what can we expect from this new version of a classic? Here’s what’s new in 2019’s edition of Office:

Newer, Better Graphics

With the introduction of Microsoft’s new Scalable Vector Graphics feature for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, users will be able to create high-quality graphics complete with a host of filter options to liven up that next presentation or add visual interest to their article.

More Efficient Translation

Microsoft’s constantly evolving Microsoft Transform system will now be available across Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing for quick and painless translations of many different languages. Ideal for creating content to be used globally or to translate received materials without the cost of a third party.

Smoother Transitions

With Morph, Microsoft’s new PowerPoint tool, creating professional and smooth transitions have never been easier. Specifically designed for the platform, Morph allows for smoother control over page changes as well as animation on objects and text for an overall more polished output.

Draw Better

With increased support for Ink (this does need to be capitalized), Office 2019 takes your doodles and notes and transforms them into shapes, as well as allowing for better highlighting of text. Ideal for touchscreen PCs as well as those working with a pen or a mouse, this feature is included in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio Online.

Take Project Professional To The Next Level

For fans of Microsoft’s Project Professional software, new updates are making the programme even more useful for users. Linking individual tasks has now become more natural, with no need to remember ID numbers or complex information, while task progress is now available at a glance.

With so much new in the Office 2019 update, there’s something that will please just about every regular office user. See the full range of updates here, and if you’re interested in investing in this new software, drop us a line today.

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