Is Office 365 right for my business

Staying current with the latest technology is very important when running a business, and failing to do so can mean you’re missing out on amazing new advances or even exposing your company to online threats – so why should you choose Office 365, and what are the benefits?

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Proven Business Programs

Microsoft Office programs like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are the industry leaders and just about every business’s go-to for office work because they’re known to be powerful and effective solutions. Office 365 comes with these iconic programmes, and with one subscription fee, you get unlimited access to these industry-leading business solutions. Combining these desktop applications with the other solutions available on 365 means you can achieve consistent and uniform working procedures and communication methods. All of this will result in increased productivity, making a difference to your bottom line.



Modern businesses are constantly changing, so a software package that doesn’t grow and change with you is useless – which is where Office 365 comes in. Need one set of software one week, and another set next week? You can purchase mixed licences for Office 365 so you can mix and match. Need to grow the number of people you have using Office 365? No problem, you can purchase additional licences so that it works for what you need. This model can also work out much cheaper than buying software off the shelf, because you’ll only be charged for the licences you use, not an arbitrary number you can’t change.


Ease Of Use

For a small business, one of the main benefits of using Office 365 is what it doesn’t require you to have. There’s no need for a complex system of servers and drives to maintain your business because it’s all on the Cloud, saving you money in both maintenance and the expertise of IT staff. It also makes migration onto your new system much easier, because you can simply move your files from your current system to the Cloud online.


Ways Of Working

Businesses these days come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need a business solution that doesn’t hold you down. Office 365 enables consistent working online from the office, from home or from the road without any loss of capability or effectiveness. It can even be used on mobile devices, so you won’t be held back if you prefer to work on a tablet or phone.

Office 365 is perfect for any business, big or small, and is flexible and dynamic enough to meet any need – so if you’re looking for the latest, powerful business software that fits with any form you need, it’s time to migrate.

Click here to download our ‘Why Migrate To Office 365’ guide!