As more businesses become further dependent on technology, the issue of cyber-security grows day by day. A key question for all businesses to answer is – is cyber-security worth the investment?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes.

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The Risks Of Lazy Cyber Security

Businesses face many dangers when they refuse to acknowledge the importance of cyber security and take appropriate measures to enforce it. These dangers take many forms – they can cause severe issues with your brand identity and perception, your customer confidence, and play havoc with your business operation and profits.

In certain circumstances, you can even face hefty fines, or even prosecution, if you’re found to be negligent with the way you handle sensitive customer/client data.

Just as pickpockets will gravitate to those who keep their wallets on display, hackers will always gravitate towards businesses that leave holes in their cyber security. It only takes one moment of negligence for your security to be compromised and your entire business can come grinding to a shuddering, and expensive, halt. In fact, 60% of small business fold within 6 months of a cyber-attack, according to the US National Cyber Security Alliance.

Customers don’t appreciate learning their personal information has not been handled responsibly, and you’ll find it extremely difficult to establish customer trust going forward.

Cyber-Crime, A Growing Problem

Cyber security is no longer an issue that any business can afford to ignore. As technology continues to become more of an integral part of business operation, cyber-attacks are becoming more common. As technology grows in sophistication, the methods hackers employ to work around cyber-defenses improve with it.

The onus is on businesses to both understand the current cyber-security climate and be pro-active in protecting both their business and their customers from crime.

Why Cyber Security Is A Worthwhile Investment

Professional IT support companies always work with businesses to strike the right balance between your budget and the service provided.

Investing in improving your business’ cyber security is worthwhile because prevention is always much better, more effective, and more affordable than cure. If your business suffers a cyber-attack, the results could be crippling. Whereas the measures necessary to prevent the cyber-attack from occurring in the first place are much more manageable – even for small businesses.

No two businesses are the same, so the cyber security needs of every business need to be accounted for on an individual level for the best results.

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