How To Maximise Information Security Within Your Business

Data drives everything businesses do and is an increasingly growing commodity for all sizes of business. With it comes considerable risks, however, as data breaches are also becoming far more common. This puts data protection at the forefront of the conversation if small businesses want to avoid the costly damage to both reputation and income that a data breach can cause.

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What Can You Do?

Data protection for small businesses doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to implement. Indeed, IT security for small businesses can be achieved simply by making small, yet significant, alterations to your business. Here are some examples of effective measures you can take…


Email Encryption & Security

Email is one of the bedrocks through which we all communicate, which also means it’s one of the most common ways for businesses to unwittingly allow malware and spyware to infect their systems. Take action with proper email filters, encryption in transit and robust authentication methods.


Security Policy & Due Diligence

If your business doesn’t have a security policy or use due diligence when handling sensitive data, you’re putting yourself at considerable risk of a data breach. A specialist company like User One can help you implement both.


Back Up Your Critical Data

Data is an increasingly important and valuable commodity, and if lost your business can grind to a halt. Make sure you identify the key data your business needs to operate, then take steps to back it up as securely as possible.


Ensure Regular Updates

Software and system updates might seem like a time-consuming nuisance, but most updates contain brand new security definitions and increase the system’s overall ability to resist attack. Ensure you’re always up to date.


Education & Training

Arguably the most important aspect of cyber-security is knowledge. You and your team must be able to identify potential security risks. They must understand how to identify suspicious emails and safe browsing habits.


Getting Outside Help

It might seem a challenge to implement these things, but with the right assistance, it can be both easy and stress-free. Simply contact a specialist, such as User One, who will be able to identify the key ways your business can improve its security, then provide the help and guidance to implement your new security strategies.

A data breach is costly in time, resources, and all-important reputation. Take the appropriate steps to avoid one happening in the first place and contact the IT security specialists at User One today.

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Image source: Pixabay