At User One, we pride ourselves on the high level of support and customer service we offer to all our clients – from start to finish. To help us continue to provide the best possible support to you and your team, please ensure that the following process is forwarded to your colleagues and followed whenever possible.

Non-Critical Tickets

To log a ticket with our Help Desk, please e-mail your ticket, with screenshots where possible to: [email protected]

Please ensure that you: –

  • Give as much detail as possible
  • Specify a Subject Line in your e-mail that briefly explains the ticket. Try to avoid “Issue” or “Problem”, and instead use “E-mails not being received”, or “Error Message XXXXX” and so on. This helps us help you more efficiently

You will receive an automatic acknowledgement e-mail with a ticket ID number from our database for you to track progress, and quote when contacting us.

PLEASE NOTE: If no ticket ID number is received, please assume that we are unaware of your issue.

Business-Critical/Urgent Tickets

If your ticket is business critical and requires urgent assistance, please telephone our Support Team on 01945 463450. Contact made on mobile phones may lead to a small delay before we can get onto the system and log the ticket.

If raising a call by telephone, please ensure you receive a ticket ID number before ending the call.

In the unlikely event of no answer via telephone, please leave a voicemail when prompted, and our team will call you back within the hour, during normal business hours. Where possible, do not leave multiple voicemails in quick succession as this can slow down our ability to provide you with a quick response.

In the event of logging multiple tickets by telephone, please ensure you get a ticket ID number per issue logged.

Our Support

Once a ticket has been logged, our team will contact you and resolve your issue either remotely, onsite or in our workshop.

Tracking Progress

To track the progress on a ticket, you can update the ticket either via the web portal, e-mail us with the original ticket ID number in the subject line or make a call to our office.

If you do not currently have access to our online web portal to track support calls etc, then please contact us with details of who needs access, and what level of access is required. We will then arrange this for you and demonstrate how to use it.

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