Five benefits of a password manager

Any business owner that has seriously considered how to prevent cyber security attacks will know the importance of keeping passwords safe. Indeed, passwords are fundamental requirements when it comes to ensuring that certain platforms and data sets are kept private and accessible only by those that need them. Unfortunately, however, strong passwords can be difficult to remember.

This is where a password manager comes in. As well as being able to generate strong passwords using a combination of a random combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, password managers will help you to ensure network security by storing your passwords safely in a virtual vault.
Still need convincing about how this technology could enhance your cyber security credentials? Here are just some of the benefits of password manager software:

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1. Password Managers Are The Best Defence Against Password – Cracking Programs

Programs used by cybercriminals to crack passwords tend to try the most common phrases first (e.g. ‘password1’ or ‘123’). If you’re generating totally random passwords with a manager, therefore, it will be very difficult to gain access to sensitive data.

2. You Can Log In To Your Accounts Quickly

Once you have signed up for password manager and downloaded the relevant browser extension, your login details for individual sites will be automatically filled out during every log-in, while ensuring that they are securely stored. This will save you both time and effort.

3. You Only Have To Remember One Password

Password managers store all of your passwords in a central account. This account only requires one master password. Make sure it is both memorable and difficult to crack!

4. You Can Change Your Passwords Easily

Changing or resetting your passwords on a regular basis is a good idea for managers concerned with how to secure a network from hackers. Fortunately, a password manager will be able to generate new passwords with the simple click of a button, helping your business to stay secure at all times.

5. You Can Share Passwords Safely

One of the key rules of cybersecurity is never to share passwords over email or even with old-fashioned pen and paper. If you need to share account access with a colleague, a password manager will give you the option to share the relevant password safely and securely.

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