User One Nominated for Fenland Enterprise Business Award

2019 has been a great year for us at User One, and we’re excited to announce the cherry on the cake: User One have been shortlisted as Finalists in the 2019 Fenland Enterprise Business Awards!

These awards recognise and celebrate local businesses that excel in certain areas and this nomination just reaffirms to us that what we’re doing is really valued!

The Fenland Enterprise Business Awards boasts quite a few categories and this year we are represented in the Supporting Young People category. At User One, we’re passionate about supporting young people in the never-ending search for work that doesn’t demand experience. Too often many young people find themselves in that famous catch 22 of having no experience leading to no work leading to no experience leading to no work! Young people have it hard trying to get a job, and we want to help break that cycle.

One of our main passion projects is trying to nurture young people to go into a career in IT. We’ve had a new apprentice each year – our first ever passed his apprenticeship and now works for us as a full-time technician.

This will mark our first ever application for the Fenland Business Awards so we were delighted to be accepted on our first try.

October 4th is the night of the awards – a black tie event with dinner! All nominated companies, including User One, will be attending (like the Oscars, but for small businesses!). We hope to see you there…

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Image Source: Pixabay