There’s no denying that you need to look after your devices properly if you want them to last. One of the most critical parts of any device is the battery. Unfortunately, battery technology has not developed as quickly as other technologies, and this has led to a lot of misinformation about battery life. In this article, we are going to debunk the biggest battery myths out there.

You Can Drastically Improve Battery Life By Disabling Bluetooth

A lot of people believe that you can considerably improve the life of your battery if you disable services like Bluetooth. Years ago, these services were massive battery drainers, but times have moved on, and they have been developed to run much more efficiently now. While you will save a little bit of battery by turning these services off, we are only talking about a very minute amount. In fact, the biggest source of power drainage tends to be services that are heavily reliant on GPS, such as Google Maps.

You Should Not Use Your Phone While It Is Charging

This is another myth that gets thrown around a lot. Some people say that if you use your phone or tablet while it is charging, it can electrocute you, catch fire, or even explode. No wonder people are scared! The good news though, is that you are not in any danger if you use your gadgets while they are charging.

You Should Only Use The Official Brand Charger For Your Gadgets

A lot of people end up spending more money than required on their phone charger or tablet charger because they believe that their only option is to use the one created by the same manufacturer. They fear that if they go for a cheaper version, it will damage their phone. However, in most cases, a third-party charger is fine. Simply do your research and read reviews, as you would with any other item. In most instances, the only difference is the packaging and brand name.

You Will Overcharge Your Battery If You Leave Your Phone On Charge All Night

Last but not least, one of the most common myths of them all! The concept is that once your battery hits 100 per cent, it will keep charging, meaning the current continues to be pumped into the battery, which could cause a fire or reduce the battery’s capacity. This isn’t true. However, it could make your battery age a little bit faster.

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