Break/Fix Vs Managed Services

Getting the right kind of IT support for your business is crucial in the modern age. Many organisations now rely heavily on their IT network to not only conduct business but sell goods or engage with customers. When it comes to getting the support required, there are generally two choices available. One is the break/fix approach while the other is the managed service route.

But what does each one involve and which is best for your business?

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What Is The Break/Fix Cycle?

The first method of IT support available sees you reacting to problems as they occur. As the name suggests, you would wait for something to break before calling an IT company to fix it for you. It is a passive approach to keeping your organisation’s network and systems running as intended.

What Are Managed IT Services?

This type of support is proactive and sees a professional third-party company managing your IT set-up in an active manner. The managed service provider you choose will look after your network to detect and prevent any problems as they begin to arise. IT services like this are best if the IT infrastructure you have is essential to your operations.

Break/Fix Cycle – Pros & Cons

Now we know what each mode of support is, it is worth looking at what each brings to the table. In terms of the break/fix approach, this is as follows:


No need to pay out for monthly service contract or fees
Gives companies direct control over their IT set-up
Suitable for those with little need for IT support


  • Highly disruptive to businesses due to the delay in fixing any IT issues
  • Could cost more money overall, depending on what needs fixing and how long it takes
  • Does not allow for preventative action to protect a network
  • Could see you miss crucial deadlines and lose key customer accounts

Managed Services – Pros and Cons

If you would like to know more about what this type of support offers, the below should help:


Predictable monthly costs for accurate budgeting

  • Cheaper in the long term
  • Customer and software support from your provider is always available
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring which identifies any issues to fix before they cause problems
  • MSPs will also use the latest tech to prevent any malicious activity in the first place
  • Increased productivity as key systems are always online


More time-consuming to arrange initially

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