In the race to keep up with data legislation and maintain the highest levels of privacy and security, it’s sometimes basic IT housekeeping that gets forgotten.

All systems which connect to the internet should be regularly scanned to detect risks and ensure swift action.

How Often Is Often Enough?

For companies who use the internet throughout every working day, your anti-virus software should be scanning your network or individual devices every single day.

Anything less than daily virus scans leaves you vulnerable to many threats, no matter how sophisticated your data controls and firewalls are.

A simple background scan is normally sufficient. This is a general check of your IT “health” that runs while you use your devices.

It’s important to also schedule regular full system scans which can done overnight, avoiding disruption to your working day.

Why Is This All Necessary?

Unfortunately, cyber criminals are sophisticated and very agile.

You could fall victim to data loss or business interruption in one keystroke. Malware (malicious software), ransomware (which demands financial payments) and online fraud are an everyday occurrence.

A virus can be hidden in an email, website, download or app. Viruses can also be unknowingly transmitted when a colleague brings their own infected device to work and connects it to a clean device.

One click, and you could infect your whole network, or even send the virus onwards to your database of contacts.

The Cost Of Computer Viruses

If you lose personal data of an employee or customer via a cyber security attack, you face punitive fines under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Potentially worse is the damage to your reputation and ability to do business.

Failing to scan regularly could also leave your network vulnerable to other perils, including having keystrokes analysed to extract passwords, or the creation of unauthorised transactions.

The list of potential harm from cybercrime is extensive.

The Right Software And Support

Ensure that your anti-virus software is the right one for your business, updated regularly and operating unhindered.

If you’re wondering which anti-virus software you need – or you would welcome cyber security advice in general – call the team at User One SBS for a chat!

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