Microsoft have decided to move onto new horizons and invest in new technology on the market. After 2020, they will no longer provide free security updates for Windows 7 machines. And, without shelling out for the updates, you might end up with big holes in the security of your business computers.
In a world where cybercrime and hacking are only growing in menace, this is naturally not something you want for your business. Therefore, you have two options: pay Microsoft for new security patches or upgrade your business PCs.

If you choose not to pay for the security updates, your computers will not be equipped to defend against new cybersecurity issues. Windows 7 will become gradually more vulnerable and will not be able to keep up with new threats.

Your best option is to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (Pro is designed for businesses rather than home users). Most IT companies will offer you a quote for this if you ask, and do a general check of your computers’ health and security. Some editions of Windows 7 and 8 for businesses automatically upgrade, but most don’t. To ease the strain on your wallet and your workflow, your IT provider can introduce the new operating system in phases. This means that your PCs can still be easily accessible to most employees when they need them, and don’t have to put their work day on pause while they wait for the upgrading process to finish.

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner. This means we have in-house technicians who are certified by Microsoft themselves to maintain and fix their systems, and we have access to 24/7 support direct from Microsoft. This puts us in a great position to upgrade all your Microsoft systems.

We recommend you upgrade by 2020 and, if you are a contract customer, we don’t charge extra for new projects – unlike other IT companies – so when you hire us we’ll make sure all your computers are up to date as part of your support package. We’re also partnered with Fujitsu hardware for your servers, and work with software security companies like ESET and Sophos.

If you’re located roughly between Kings Lynn and Peterborough, we can provide exactly the service you need; just give us a ring or drop us an email. We can provide an easy quote, or even come and visit you on site. We already have plenty of loyal customers – why not try talking to us and see what we can do for you? We’re confident we have what you need.

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