In so many spheres of security, prevention is the best policy. When it comes to cyber security, while it is important to have response strategies in place, processes which focus on prevention can snuff out attacks before they occur, reducing risk and slashing costs in the long term. So, what are the best prevention strategies for cyber-attacks? Read on!

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Heighten Awareness

The staff within your organisation must be educated on cyber security and encouraged to take up best practices for preventing cyber security attacks. It is important to educate your employees on the dangers that they could encounter during day-to-day online activities, as well as keep them updated on new types of cyber threats as they emerge. Among the basics which employees should be made aware of are: how to spot a phishing attack, the risk of using personal devices for work, the importance of avoiding unsecured websites, and the potential pitfalls of password sharing.

Protect Important Assets

For the modern-day organisation – especially one which has a significant online presence, uses the Cloud, and stores a substantial amount of company and customer data – it is important to have a comprehensive strategy in place to protect digital assets and network security. By deploying a cyber security plan that covers technical, administrative and physical security controls, you can ensure that your business critical assets are protected.

Carry Out Risk Assessments

You might think that your cyber security strategy is protecting your organisation, but how effective is it really? By carrying out risk assessments for cyber security, you can ensure that you are minimising the risk of being exposed. For some organisations, the best way of doing this will be to hire a cyber security consultant who can take a look at a cyber security strategy and identify any potential weak spots.

Insure Your Company Against Cyber Crime

For complete peace of mind, companies should seriously consider the option of protecting themselves with cyber insurance. This can prove to be a good investment for your company as it covers all the risks and threats that arise because of hackers and viruses. Cyber security should be thought of in a layered way. Companies take steps to protect themselves from the front line to having cyber insurance as a failsafe.

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Click Here to Download our Free IT Security Guide