3 Reasons You Need To Escape The Break/Fix Cycle

The break/fix cycle is one of the most unhelpful mindsets it is possible to adopt when it comes to the way you approach IT support for your business. If you want an IT system that minimises costs, downtime, and difficulty, then it may be the time to get out of the break/fix frame of mind.

Most IT support companies now offer ongoing hardware and software support – there are three key reasons you should consider them.

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What Is The Break/Fix Cycle?

Before you can break out of the break/fix cycle, you need to be sure what it is. In a nutshell, you can think of it as waiting for something to go wrong before you do anything to improve it. It’s waiting for something to break before fixing it, rather than investing in periodical maintenance and upgrades to ensure it doesn’t break at all.

The break/fix cycle, unfortunately, makes up a large portion of how many business owners approach IT services.

So Why Should You Break Free Of It?

1. Save money

The break/fix system is costly. Replacing hardware and software is expensive, and the cost of ensuring proper ongoing maintenance is minimal by comparison. If you have a business server, for example, it’s much more affordable to keep sympathetically upgrading it when necessary, rather than waiting for it to be overloaded and broken to the point of needing complete replacement.

2. Save time

When an IT support company comes to ‘fix’ something, they need to learn your business systems to ensure the fix they implement is appropriate. This takes time, which ultimately increases the downtime your business experiences. In the course of ongoing maintenance and IT support, however, an IT support company will learn about your business over time, meaning their fixes are more time-efficient.

3. Improve efficiency

When a new piece of equipment is installed, it takes time for employees to get used to it. This is true of both hardware and software. Gradual implementation over time is a much more efficient way of continually upgrading and improving your business systems. With the break/fix cycle you’re continually faced with jarring change that ultimately harms your ability to operate efficiently.

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